Program Highlights

Every year we gather for the WSAVA Congress to hear the latest updates in the veterinary field and discuss the last news. This November will be no different!

Let’s see what our Scientific Co-Chairs Frederic Gaschen and Mary Marcondes have to say about the next WSAVA’s edition program highlights.

WSAVA 2021 Program Highlights

  •  Brachycephalic breeds – a series of 7 not-to-be-missed lectures. A panel of global experts will identify and address challenges veterinarians face when caring for brachycephalic dogs, including respiratory problems and their surgical approach, associated digestive diseases, anesthesia standards of care, and ethical issues.
  • Big data – how will data generated from large epidemiological studies influence how we practice veterinary medicine tomorrow? Attend the 2 lectures by epidemiologists from Vet Compass UK and Australia to learn more.
  • AI – artificial intelligence is already at work to facilitate how veterinarians diagnose diseases.
  • Award lecturesProf. Claudia Reusch (2021 WSAVA Scientific Achievement Award) will give an update on feline diabetes mellitus and Dr. Elsa Beltran (2021 WSAVA/FECAVA/PSAVA Congress Speaker of the Year) will advise on the best clinical approach to acute spinal cord injury.

WSAVA 2021 – Streams Spotlight

Animal Wellness & Welfare Committee – Dr. Natasha Lee

WSAVA Global Nutrition Committee – Dr. Cecilia Villaverde

Hereditary Diseases Committee – Dr. Jerold Bell

Vaccination Guidelines Group – Dr. Richard Squires