Welcome Letter

We look forward to seeing you online


Dear colleagues and friends  

We are so happy to finally unveil this surprise! The WSAVA World Congress 2021 will be a community event that has never been held before. 

This will be the first world congress that is focusing and showcasing the WSAVA unique work in creating global standards through its clinical committees, guidelines groups and affiliate partners. The unique selling point of how a world community has come together for the purpose of creating One Community, One Care and One Voice can finally be highlighted at a single world event. That is why we are calling it the “2021 WSAVA Global Community Virtual Congress” 

Why the emphasis on community?  

These past 2 years have presented huge challenges for our entire veterinary team. We have higher caseloads and responsibilities to keep up with the growing demand of pet owners yearning for emotional support of companion animals during the pandemic crisis. Higher caseloads means less time and less work-life balance. This is why we need a community that understands the needs of one another to support each other. Certainly we are coming together to upgrade our knowledge and standards of practice but more importantly is the fact that we strengthen each other in our chance to network with like-minded professionals. In addition relevant topics in forums and panel discussions designed to share global experiences from practitioners around the world will be highlighted. 

In our endeavor to be the best healthcare provider for both animals and their humans, I welcome you to take your place and be part of this unique event! 


Dr Siraya Chunekamrai 


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